Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday 14th June 2014.....Camino Day 11!

Last night i read my book till 10.0pm it is great having kindle on my Nexus and my access to books this is a great little machine that I appreciate more each day especially as i get to learn more.....and I slept like a baby till 6.45am..sorry to see that Spain lost their opening game of the World cup the locals will not be happy...whilst having a great cup of tea and a strawberry muffin I went through my morning ritual it is very important that i do not rush getting ready especially my feet and a final check to make sure i had not left anytthing i was out of this wonderful place that i shall not forget. My watch said 9.00am so remember minus 2 hours plus 15 minutes for the real time!!! It was a beautifu morning stil with some fog .... but unfortunatly the first 17 km was on the highway with nothing really interesting to see... ...then it was into the town of Laredo a large vacation and beach town I stopped in another great cheap supermarket and got some OJ and next door a good bakery and then it was down to the promenade and a walk to a small ferry. For 2 Euros and about 2 minutes the boat takes you across the bay. Then it was back on the highway till I came to this fantastic beach and a walk of a few km by it's side ....then came a nasty climb up a hard and sandy and rocky path but the views were so rewarding at the top a left turn and another fantastic beach as always what goes up must come down and i still think coming down is harder on my body but again the views.. then it was about 30 minutes on the beach till I came to a small town and having walked 29 km i figured that was enough for today. I saw signs for a pilgrim hostel and that is where i am. This one is a little different it cost 11 Euros and the rooms are with 6 beds and each room has it's own bathroom and shower really nice. I was the first one in the room and took the far away lower bunk. There is a nice living room with nice chairs and a tv and a lovely looking restaurant. I did my laundry and they have lines outside to hang the clothes in the sun..I then used my Pearson charm to get some milk and had a great cup of tea!!! Time for a rest so I then laid down and I think I snoozed maybe 30 minutes and then had a great shower and when I came out another pilrim was in the room a lady from Sweden who I met 2 days ago we chatted for a while and then I got myself a big glass of cold water and I am in the armchair writing this. I will check out the town and find a store and Internet as it seems although I am connected I cannot get on line. ....the stores are usually all closed on sundays then will come back here for supper and hopefully get the tv on the right channel for more live soccer games. Felt good today and the walking seems easier as I cream and rub my legs it may be my imagination but they appear to be geting firm and developed. I listened to music on todays walk and it is good therapy for me..... Things I learned today The Camino continues to provide. I have great and special friends. Your life can change in a second. It is not easy to let go but for me it is very necessary. It is hard walking on sand. Today I remembered that quote which when I get home I shall get printed and framed on my wall from the young lady I fleeting met in San Sebastion.....'Like life when it is time it will happen" I am so lucky and blessed!! It is now 7pm and I am in a bar with great Internet and they are showing the Italy England soccer game at Midnight hope I can come and watch and stay is good oh and by the way THE KINGS WIN THE STANLEY CUP!!!!!!! Yashi Kochi!!!

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