Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday 30th March 2011…….beach, train and BBQ

Those words really describe my day……

Inga left this morning and I spent the morning doing odd jobs around Ramona but more on that tomorrow…spent a couple of hours at the beach in front of the RV park and then went to the house where Joy and Colin are staying…see how nice it is….

mar30 003

mar30 004

mar30 005

mar30 011

Then Joy gave me my once a year haircut by her!!!!

mar30 009

Now it is time for some serious Mexican train….

mar30 013

mar30 014

It was a great three hours of fun and Maggie came out as the winner…only thing missing was Barb and Paco…wish you both were here!!!

Colin BBQ;d some wonderful hot dogs and it was 9.30pm before we knew it…..

So ends yet another wonderful day ……


Kevin and Ruth said...

We played Mexican Train at Barb and Sal's when we were there, what a fun game.

Glad you are still enjoying the gorgeous weather, we are so jealous!

Kevin and Ruth

mexicokid said...

Yes just lapping it up...sounds like you had a busy eventfull day yesterday..hope there is baby news today and that Whiskey gets better cheers Les

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