Saturday, March 05, 2011

Saturday 5th March 2011….soccer…..girls….hockey….soccer….hockey!!!!!

7am up to watch a live soccer game from England of course the tea and toast go without saying!!!

Rafael came to work this morning and brought his daughter Jasmine with him, she is lovely!!!

mar5 002

This was to be the last day to see my girls but sad to say Guy is in Hospital again in Tucson so their flight plans have changed…I wish him a speedy recovery and I shall stay here until they return home could be a couple more weeks…

So off I went to Casa Hogar and I hadn’t told the girls I was going to take them swimming…when I picked them up they were ready and waiting and in the car they both asked to go to the bicycles…..I said no look in the bag behind them where I had left their towels and speedo’s…they saw them and their smiles were a mile long they both rushed up to me hugged me and kissed me on the cheek…what a feeling!!!

I gave them them  the choice of the waterslide park or the hot springs with the cave and they both picked the cave…..I had bought earlier in the week a boogie board for when I go to the coast and Paola asked the gate man at the pools if we could take it in with us and he said we could….

mar5 003

mar5 004

The weather was lovely and hot and in 4 hours they only came out of the water twice….once for a bathroom break and the second time to eat their sandwich…

mar5 040

I know I go on a bit about how good my girls are but they have a way of making me so proud….when they were eating their cookies a little blond haired girl was next to them watching them

mar5 041and both Paola and Daniela gave the little girl a cookie!!!

They had so much fun!!!

mar5 006

mar5 007

It is hard to get a photo of Paola with her head not under water!!

mar5 012

mar5 014

mar5 022

mar5 026

mar5 029

Sometimes you just have to fix the equipment!!!

mar5 033

Had them back to Casa Hogar for 4.30pm and we had a blast…..although it is hard on the nerves to be watching them both and make sure they are safe….

So came home and decided it was going to be a sports night…so started with watching a hockey game then another soccer game and finishing off the night with another hockey game….

What a day…how was yours???

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