Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday 10th March 2011….….day 131!!!!

Still having a wonderful time and happy to report that Guy is doing well in Tucson and awaiting the visit with his specialist on the 21st….took off to town this morning to do some errands..two of the things I bought were a bottle of Hydrogen peroxide and a tub of zinc cream…can you believe the prices the zinc 65 pesos and the peroxide 8 pesos remembering there are about 12 pesos to the dollar!!!

ar10 002

Before you get carried away the zinc is for my very dry feet and the peroxide I found out from Sara's sister is great if you get a cold coming on to put in your ears!!  So wanted to have some on hand.

Then went to my favourite bakery and bought these for 30 pesos!!!

ar10 001

My laptop gets very hot when I use it and a friend in the RV park showed me a small frame that he had made for his so I copied his idea and asked Rafael if he would make a frame for me and today he gave it to me, I paid him 50 pesos and it works great lets the air through and no more heat!!!

ar10 003

ar10 004

Played tennis this afternoon and as always had a great time…going to be an easy night tonight!!!!

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