Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday 16th March 2011….is there no end to this????

played tennis again this morning but was invited back to the “posh” club where you get  a ball boy and score keeper…I know I said I would not go back there but I was doing a friend a favour and I enjoyed the tennis and I suppose the fact that the ball boy made 100 pesos for less than two hours work is great for him…. but still hard for me wait around while someone retrieves my ball!!

Just got home in time to shower and eat and off again to poker….and you guessed from the heading I won yet again…..another 100 pesos into the bank!!!

On my way back home took these photos

mar15 006


mar15 011

mar15 010

The Jacaranda trees are just coming into full bloom now and they are spectacular the blue/purple buds known as trumpets are a good luck sign if one should fall on your head…I am sure I will take more photos of these in the next few days…

mar15 013

mar15 003

Received an interesting e mail from Robin The coordinator of Casa Hogar she told me that before I can take my girls out again I have to go to Casa Hogar and they have to apologise to me in front of the Madre for their bad behaviour and the reason I could not take them out last Sunday…so I hope to go tomorrow so I can have them for some time over the weekend…..staying home tonight before I start a busy and full weekend!!!

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