Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday 22nd March 2011…on the water again!!!

I don’t know if you get tired of reading it but I don’t get tired of writing it but I had another great two hours of tennis again this morning…this was my last game with these guys and they have been great players and friends…just one more game left on Thursday…..

Came home and got packed up and off to a Hacienda that I had heard about where they rent out kayaks…it was about a 30 minute drive off the main highway on a good paved road for 15 km….

The directions were perfect and I could not believe the beauty of this mansion!!!

mar22 064

mar22 067

mar22 069

mar22 070

mar22 076

mar22 086

After admiring the gorgeous grounds I was shown where the kayak was and off to the lake!!!

mar22 009

mar22 011

This is a man made lake not very wide but interesting scenery and lots of birds and animals..

mar22 026-2

mar22 028-1

mar22 032-1

This is where I pulled in and stopped for lunch and as I was taking a little nap on that grassy knoll was awakened  by the bleating of these babies!!!!

mar22 047

They were checking me out and when they found out I still had some cookies left I became their best friend!!!

mar22 051

mar22 053Yes my thumb!!

Back on the water again

mar22 057

mar22 059mar22 061

I was out for about three hours and thoroughly enjoyed being on the water…it was a great afternoon….saw this guy having a bath on the way home…

mar22 089

Stopped at the Mirador overlooking town and the Jacaranda trees are awesome!!!

mar22 001-1

mar22 002-1

mar22 003-1

Stayed home tonight for a change and watched a hockey game…….


Kevin and Ruth said...

These pictures are nasty! Right now we are looking out the window of Sherman and what to do we see...SNOW! I can't believe it, we hate it and are really missing Mexico now.

BTW, love the blue blooms on those trees. Glad you had a great day out on the water. Wish we were there.

Kevin and Ruth

mexicokid said...

The weather since I arrived here in SMA Nov17th sunny every day, it really is beautiful with all these blue blooms...by the way you should see a sharp jump in your income I signed up for the Harvest Club, thanks Les

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