Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday 19th March 2011….do you think I am a sports nut???

Up at 7am this morning for the live soccer game from England..

batt 004

As soon as the game finished dashed into town for my 9am tennis game, men’s doubles, very competitive and fun..

Home by noon and time for lunch and relaxation and to change the water in the bird feeders..I do this every Saturday and those birds know it as soon as I put the feeders back in the trees here they come…

batt 005

batt 006

4pm and back to the TV….Vancouver Whitecaps soccer team was playing their first game in the MSL a huge boost for the city……but here is the fun part….I have a childhood buddy back in England, Ian, we used to hang around after school and weekends we were soccer nuts, he was a much better player than me, anyway we have kept in touch all these years and when ever I go back to England we always get together along with his charming wife Margaret.

They have a son, Luke, and Ian told me the story about him as a young boy he always wanted to be a sports commentator and Ian said at 7 and 8 years of age at the dinner table he would pick up a bottle of ketchup pretend it was a microphone and comment on  the dinner, he said he was very good at this.  Well through the years Luke followed his dream and became a radio sports broadcaster and won many awards…a few years ago he married a Canadian girl and moved to Toronto where he became involved with the Toronto Football club and I received an e mail from Ian a few weeks ago telling me that Luke had been offered a job at TSN doing the soccer broadcasts…so imagine my delight when I turn onto the game this afternoon and there is Luke, he is on the left!!!

batt 010He did a great job of the broadcast so congratulations to the Wileman family!!!

Ian I have to tell you in honour of your Mum I watched this game whilst I ate a plate of beans on toast(This was our favourite meal as kids!!!!!)

concert 008

See those lovely mountains in the background??

concert 009

It was a very entertaining game!!!

As soon as the game finished back into town for a musical concert

concert 011

This was a very good concert look at all the stars they have performed with…

concert 015

Back home in time to watch a period of hockey!!!

hock 002-1

Now I have to go to bed and be rested for my 10am tennis tomorrow…



So am I a sports nut???

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