Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday 12th March 2011….concert day!!

A beautiful spa in the country was the setting today for an American roots/blues/gospel concert…I was intending to go to the concert and then found out that some of the older girls from Casa Hogar were attending in a working capacity on clean up patrol but they needed someone to drive them there and to supervise ….so I volunteered for the job….as always some things do not go according to plan and when I arrived at Casa Hogar the girls were ready for me except instead of getting the older girls I had six of the younger girls including Paola and Daniela..they were all happy to come especially as they had been told they could swim in the spa pools when not working.  I knew that this was going to be somewhat of a problem as the day was going to be long and hot but off we went and here are my girls at the spa, which was quite beautiful..mar12 003

mar12 006

mar12 005

Our first task was to clean the 400 hundred chairs and the girls did really well…

mar12 008Daniela!!

mar12 009Paola!!

A well deserved rest!!

mar12 011

The concert did not start for another two hours so I thought it was a good time for the girls to swim and they enjoyed themselves!!!

mar12 012

mar12 015

After swimming it was time to do some garbage pick up but the venue was not large and there were many bins around and not really too much for the girls to as lunch was provided for them I decided it would be a good time to have them eat!!

mar12 018

The concert started and the artists were very talented..

mar12 010

As I said before there really was not too much for the girls to do and they were standing outside in the hot sun not really into the music and I could see they were wilting…I found the event organiser a lovely lady named Nora and we talked about the situation and she was so kind and said that she was glad the girls came and thanked us for the clean up they had done but there was lots of people there to help and why didn’t I take them home…..this was a good idea and there was an ice cream booth so I bought them all ice cream and brought them home, they all fell asleep in the van!!!!!

It was a good experience for them and they did a good job and always polite so another good day with them all….I picked up Chinese take a way on the way home and now sitting down watching back to back hockey games…life is good!!!

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