Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday 28th March 2011……….Beach Baby Beach Baby!!!!!!

Had a really good sleep in Ramona and woke up feeling good and ready to continue the journey to the coast and was back on the road at 9.30am…

Some sights along the way!!

mar28 001

mar28 004

Sugar cane country!!

mar28 005

Then onto toll roads!!

mar28 007

Finally close to my destination Barra…

mar28 017

and banana country…

mar28 014

My first Military check point and I was waved right through…

mar28 021

At 2.30 pm driving down this dusty street

mar28 025

to my destination..

mar28 042

and here I am not bad eh???

mar28 028

mar28 032

This shot below was taken at 2.45 pm

mar28 031

This shot was taken at 2.46 pm!!!!!!

mar28 036

My first ocean swim this year!!!

It was great to get in the warm water the waves are quite big close to shore so you have to be careful not to get knocked over…this is another great RV park, a hotel also and lovely pool

mar28 041

As you can see it is not possible to get any closer to the beach

mar28 035Look close for Ramona!!!

The view to my right

mar28 033

and the left

mar28 034

mar28 038

My knee is getting better!!

mar28 037

Not a bad place to be…so the RV park which has great hot showers full hook ups and internet and he was going to charge me 250 pesos a night but after talking with the owner for a while he charged me 200 pesos a night , almost 17 dollars!!!!!

mar28 044

I have two different sets of friends here in town and I went to visit Joy and Colin for a while they have been coming down here for years and I met them a few years ago and we became good friends…sorry Barb and Paco wish you were here!!!!

I then went and met Inga who is in town for two more days, Inga and I were in a relationship for a few years and a few years ago and we have remained friends and I met with her and three of her friends and had a lovely dinner

mar28 046

and a nice visit!!!

Now I have to get used to sleeping with the crashing waves about 50 feet away…life is really quite good don’t you think?


Croft said...

Ah, swimming with the crocodiles! We stayed a week in that place and you are right, it is very nice.

mexicokid said...

Haven't seen one yet!!! Life is good hope your journey north is going well, cheers,,,Les

Kevin and Ruth said...

We are so jealous! Missing Mexico right now although the temperature here today is a little better but still pretty windy.


Kevin and Ruth

living.boondockingmexico said...


mexicokid said...

if you think this is bad check out my blog for tuesday....cheers everyone !!!Les

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