Friday, March 04, 2011

Friday 4th March 2011…..unexpected good things!!!

I was in a small cafe down town this morning saying goodbye to Robin, the incredible coordinator for Casa Hogar and as we were getting ready to leave I hear drumming coming from outside and as i went to investigate this is what i saw blocking the road!!

mar4 002

I followed them on my scooter to the main Jardin and to my surprise the Jardin was full of these beautifully dressed people!!!!

mar4 005

mar4 010

mar4 015

mar4 019Check out the novice on the left!!

mar4 022

mar4 020

I went to the Tourist office to find out what the celebration was and was told it was a celebration to honour a 16th century hero El Senor de la was a wonderful sight to see this huge square so alive with colour, history and passion…only in Mexico!!!

I received a call this morning from Guy, the owner of the house and sad to say he is not feeling good again and they have cancelled their flight to return home on Sunday.  He is going to go and have more tests so Linda and Guy I wish you all the best….

Spent a lazy afternoon out in the sun then evening went back into town and the celebrations were still going on.

marr4 004

marr4 012

marr4 015

marr4 033

In all my years coming to Mexico tonight was the best celebration I have ever seen…so much colour, music, vibrant and happy people….gotta Love Mexico!!!

I then went to the theatre again tonight for another play…it was about love for the over 60’s…..not that I am in that age bracket!!!!

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Kevin and Ruth said...

What beautiful costumes they have. I love the feistas in Mexico. Great pictures.

Kevin and Ruth

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