Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday 27th March 2011…I bet you didn’t expect to hear from me so soon!!!

After a lovely visit with Linda and Guy I left SMA about 11am and although sad in many ways to leave it was nice to be on the road and behind the wheel again!!

Some photos from the drive

mar27 001-2

mar27 004

mar27 005

You didn’t think I could drive by here without stopping 50 pesos got me one of the smaller baskets full of luscious strawberries and yes you get to keep the basket!!

mar27 006

mar27 008

Only in Mexico!!

mar27 007

mar27 010

Road side vendor…

mar27 012

mar27 014

Went on all kinds of roads today from toll 4 lane highways to the above and through many towns like below

mar27 016

I didn’t get as far as  intended to today but as I am not on a schedule it did not matter but a combination of the hot weather,  slow traffic,  bit of a sore knee and for my lovely brother…YES getting lost for over 45 minutes!!!!

So I did a wise thing and about 6pm decided to go back to this lovely RV park where I have stayed before and the hosts Barb and Sal are just wonderful!!!!

mar27 018

In the small town of

mar27 017

Had a lovely hot shower, taped up my knee which is much better now the swelling going down each day…enjoyed one of my pre made dinners, cleaned and ate some fresh strawberries and now going to have tea and watch a movie…life is I think quite good!!!

Map picture

The right pin is about where I now … tomorrow and the left pin is about Barra where I shall be tomorrow…

Will post again when I can……I wish all my readers a great week…Les

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Kevin and Ruth said...

Glad your knee is getting better. Hope barb and sal are doing well. Safe travels!

Kevin and Ruth

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