Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Wednesday 2nd March 2011….I need a day OFF!!!!

Wow I cannot believe how busy I was this morning…first off I had to make a small adjustment to the newly re-covered seat cushions and then scotch guard them..

mar2 001

I then decided to make and freeze some meals for when I get on the road so BBQ’d some lovely chicken breasts and with fresh veggies

mar2 005

I finished up with 4 great meals…not finished there I then baked a dozen muffins…..

mar2 006

Then it was into town to do some more chores…a couple of sights down town!!

mar2 012

mar2 009

I know Ramona gets a lot of press coverage here but I don’t want to forget Bonita, my scooter!!!!  I have put over 2000km on her since November and not one single problem…thanks!!

mar2 013

Went to my last poker game this afternoon…good job too if I keep winning they won’t want me back racked in another 210 pesos today!!

mar2 014

I really have enjoyed the poker days…

well a quiet evening with TV tonight…..

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