Monday, March 07, 2011

Monday 7th March 2011…..I was going to say that if yesterday

was a lazy day what was today?  Then I got to thinking what I did today and realized I am not as lazy as I first thought!!!

My day started about 8am with a muffin and tea watching the beautiful sunny morning unfold…I then took the scooter into town to my favourite veggie store..

mar7 003

mar7 001

It is such a tiny store but so busy…

mar7 002

All this for just under 4 dollars!!!

mar7 004

Then I cooked up a storm listening to Celtic Thunder on the computer!!!

mar7 006

Lamb Bangers!!!!!!!

mar7 007

There you have it a good typical Mexican meal!!!!!

mar7 008

All it needs is gravy…

mar7 018

From the kitchen to the back yard!!!

mar7 011

Soon it was time to come inside and get out of the heat…fix a lovely milk shake and see what is on TV…..would you believe it a live soccer game!!!

mar7 013

Just finished watching the match and had to go back into town…time for 2 hours of tennis and home by 7pm….ate one of the meals watched some TV and here it is 10.30pm already…

So it wasn’t such a lazy day…

Good news is that Guy is out of the hospital and he is doing quite well…Linda and Guy have decided to stay in Tucson two more weeks so he can get to see a specialist and hopefully get a handle on his breathing issues…so I am happy to be here until around the 25th of this month…

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