Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday 14th March 2011….a little road trip!!

Decided to go on a little road trip to Celaya to check out Costco and the Wal-Mart super centre..

Map picture

This road has improved greatly this last year and in 40 minutes I was  approaching

mar14 001

and Costco…this is the second Costco I have been inside in Mexico and there are set out exactly the same as the ones in the States and Canada you could be blindfolded and dropped inside anyone and apart from the prices being in Spanish have no idea where you are…

mar14 002

Not really impressed I found the prices to be high and also the store very quiet.

The Wal-Mart supercentre a couple of miles away same story identical lay out as in the States..

mar14 003

but this store was busy…I bought a few items and was on my way home.

Passed this road side stand…

mar14 004

Now here is an Elmo question…can you find the cat??

mar14 008

mar14 009

mar14 010

I think he belongs next door but spends a lot of time over here!!

One thing I did buy this morning was a new tea cup…I have  been looking for the right one and think I have it now…

mar14 007

P for Pearson





the list goes on…I know I bet you could think of some others but after all it is my blog and I can write what I wish!!!!!

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