Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sunday 6th March 2011….a very lazy day!!

Went for my regular Sunday morning tennis at 10am and I know I shouldn’t really brag BUT it is my blog so really I can say what I want…….I am pretty good at this tennis game and I do enjoy the games!!!

Came home and stayed home for the rest of the day just pottering around in the back yard doing some work in side Ramona..what do you think to the new coverings???

mar6 001

mar6 006

mar6 007

Total cost for labour and materials 150 dollars!!!

Just a very quiet day which I am enjoying relaxing tonight reading, writing researching and watching some TV………life is good!!


Rick said...

Bright and lively cushions (unbelievable price).
Enjoy your happy interior.

mexicokid said...

Thanks it does brighten up the old girl and as you say the price......

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