Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday 18th March 2011…the start of a very busy weekend!!!

I found out early this morning that there was a Children’s Spring Parade downtown so I contacted Robin to see if the girls were in school today and if not could I take them to the parade but sadly to say they are in school today …..

So off I went in search of the kids and did I find them!!!

Sit back and enjoy these wonderful photos…..

mar18 008

mar18 013

mar18 031

mar18 015

mar18 028

mar18 040

I could understand now why Paola and Daniela were still in school these kids were the younger ones…

They marched about 8 blocks into the main Jardin!!

mar18 036mar18 038

Imagine how I felt lined up with hundreds of spectators watching all these little tykes marching past when two little girls rushed out of line and came up to me and gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek…I could not believe what was happening until I realized the girls were from Casa Hogar I did not recognize them with their costume and painted faces… I know what a million dollars feels like!!!

mar18 045

mar18 050

You have to tip your hat to the Local people they sure know how to have a parade!!!!

mar18 053

mar18 069

mar18 072

mar18 078

mar18 075mar18 084

It was a great morning seeing so many happy smiling faces and all the people around never heard one scream or cry!!!

Stayed downtown and from the bakery had a few goodies and a drink with this view!!

mar18 086

You have to be careful where you park downtown park in the wrong place and this is what happens…

mar18 079

They remove your number plate and you have to retrieve it from the local police station after of course you pay the fine!!!

In the spirit of Spring this is from the flower bed in the front yard of the casa…

mar18 087

I didn’t get home till 2pm and by then it was way overdue for my nap/drink/read/sunbathe/relax portion of my day!!

Did some cooking and had a great supper…got cleaned up and then back down town to a hotel and a Beatle's concert/fundraiser..

beatles 001

beatles 003

This was the same Tribute Beatles band I saw a couple of months ago…it was at a lovely hotel but found it to be too crowded and too smoky so only stayed a little while and then went downtown to the main Jardin and took in all the action there…

beatles 005

beatles 008

This has been a great day and more to follow tomorrow…

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