Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday 17th March 2011……Green Day!!!

I really only have one couple of Irish decent that I know  so Vicky and Lorne have a great day!!!

Started out this morning with tennis and boy do I enjoy this what a huge difference this year has been with all the tennis and all the new friends I have made!!!!

Came home and had the afternoon off did some research on the Copper Canyon and what sort of things I will see and do it looks like an incredible adventure…

I heard from Linda and Guy and if all goes well with his Doctor’s appointments they may be home on the 25th……also spoke to Sara tonight and she arrived home back on the Island after a month touring southern Mexico…welcome home!!

At 6pm I went to Casa Hogar to have a meeting with Robin, the head Madre and my remember they were in trouble and could not go out with my last Sunday and I was informed that before I could take them out again I had to go to CH and they had to apologize to me..well that meeting was today…all the girls were wearing green and making jewellery.

solar 013

I won’t go into the details involving the girls but suffice it to say they didn’t do anything wrong and the issue is over and I hope to see lots of them this weekend.

I went to my favourite place for supper and then to the Play readers again…

solar 016

It was two one act plays by a British Author and these actors here were struggling a bit with trying to put on a British accent…but well performed… yet another great day and the weekend ahead is going to be busy……..

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