Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday 20th March 2011… you know anyone 99 years young????

I want to take this opportunity to wish Sara’s Grandmother, Gracie, a very happy and special 99th Birthday!!!!  I met Gracie last summer and she is a vibrant and lovely lady!!!

oct5 019Three generations..Sara and her Mum and Gracie!!!

Speaking of Sara's family I want to send best wishes to her sister, Tammy, who just competed in the Rome Marathon, raising money for MS…Tam finished in a very respectable four and a half hours…love this photo!!


Sunday morning tennis and I always take my camera with me and on the court I snapped this photo…

canyon 002The Monarch butterflies are beginning their journey back north and these two were “being quite friendly”.

After tennis had a few hours to relax and the days are getting hotter now and I do enjoy the lounge chair and all that comes with that.

4pm and off to another first…a symphony concert in a canyon.

To celebrate Spring and the Solstice an orchestra was performing in the local El Charco, botanical gardens…it is a lovely reserve with man made lakes and a quite large canyon….so you are all lucky because you get the free Pearson tour…so get a little beverage and sit back and enjoy these sights but you have to use your imagination of music drifting through the canyon!!!

canyon 003

canyon 006

There were people perched on every little rock..

canyon 041

canyon 015


canyon 008

canyon 017

canyon 018

canyon 010Yes that is my foot!!!!

canyon 019

canyon 024

canyon 026

canyon 034

canyon 042

For the last piece they had fireworks and sparklers going off!!

canyon 044

canyon 046

canyon 050

Came down off my rock for a closer photo…

Now didn’t you enjoy that I know I did it was quite spectacular, the music very good and a joy to see so many people enjoying a special treat.  The event was superbly organized and many volunteers helping with directions….

So what a great day!!!!  Hope yours was too….

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