Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Tuesday 8th March 2011…….Hide and seek!!

9am to 11am was tennis time and again a great competitive men's doubles game, really enjoyed the time……

My  friend Rob came out to look at the battery in Ramona and thanks for your help in sorting out the little issue….then went out to visit a couple I had been corresponding with by e mail and had a nice visit with them.

Back at the casa did a load of laundry and when I was hanging the clothes out the back door is open which it usually is when I came back in the kitchen my new found friend,”Bird” had come to visit!!!!

mar8 001

I am sure someone can tell me what kind of bird he is…he was obviously hurt but could fly..so the next 90 minutes were spent trying to get him back out side…the casa here is very open and large and it was an entertaining time until I did manage to coax him outside!!!!

mar8 002

Once outside he was able to fly/walk over the fence and hopefully be safe!!!

Amazed at how fast the days go by…another good one!!!


Kevin and Ruth said...

I am not sure because I am not a birder but we saw one similiar to this in Huatulco and it was a Streak-backed oriole, I think this one may still be young. He is really pretty.

Kevin and Ruth
Streak-backed oriole

mexicokid said...

you win the prize a 7 day free membership to my blog...you lucky couple!!! Hope the journey home is going well, be safe Les

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