Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday 25th March 2011……farewell to my girls!!!!

The knee is still a little bit swollen but all the tasks that the Doctor gave me to do are helping……I spent the morning getting everything ready for my journey but made sure I did rest.  I hired Rafael to wash and wax Ramona and Bonita today and he did a great job, doesn’t she look cute??

mar25 006

mar25 007

Today was the last day for me to see Paola and Daniela but there are some things happening at Casa Hogar that Robin is going to investigate because I was not allowed to have a visit with the girls again because of their behaviour…. this is not the venue to debate this but something is going to be done but I was determined to see them so I went to their English class tonight and said my goodbyes!!!

mar25 001

Here I am reading the riot act to them!!!

mar25 002

mar25 003

I got one of the tutors to explain to the girls that I was leaving but would keep in touch and be back in November and how important it was for them to try hard in school and at English classes….it was hard to walk away from them because over the nearly 5 months we have become close…they are my pride and joy!!!

Did some final shopping and now having a quiet night at home.

Linda and Guy come home tomorrow evening and I am going to Leon Airport to pick them up at 7pm.  I will spend the night and visit with them Sunday morning then around noon get on the road and head for the coast Barra de Navidad!!!!

Map picture
Map picture

The right pin above is SMA and the left pin Barra de Navidad!!


Wild Blue Yonder said...

The girls are getting so big now. Must be so hard to leave them, my heart goes out to you.
thankfully you can keep in touch until you come back in November.


mexicokid said...

Yes I write them, send post cards and when they go to English class the teacher shows them the blog....won't be long till November..thanks for following along Les

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