Thursday, March 03, 2011

Thursday 3rd March 2011….Dentist day for Paola!!!

This morning was the last  tennis time with this particular group and the 2 hours this morning was probably the best we have all was a fitting end.

Came home and did some more sorting and re-packing inside Ramona then at 1.30pm went to Casa Hogar to pick up Paola and Daniela as Paola had the dental appointment.

The girls were waiting for me and they looked so cute in their school uniforms.

mar3 001

…..Paola did not seem bothered about where she had to go….we arrived at the Dentist and I asked Paola if she wanted me to come in with her and she did so Daniela and I sat close to her and took photos…

mar3 003Here she is checking out the instruments!!

mar3 004Still smiling!!

mar3 009

mar3 011Finally the pulled tooth!!

mar3 030

When Sara and I took Paola to a different Dentist a few weeks ago to have another tooth pulled, the injection upset her and she was in quite a bit of discomfort afterwards…so this time Sara had left me a couple of pain pills for her and instructed me to take a bag of ice for afterwards….

Well this dentist was amazing her manner is so wonderful and she swabbed the area but did not give Paola a needle and after a few minutes the tooth came out I could not believe it….Paola was so good and she seemed happy when the Dentist was finished and gave her a little box for the tooth…I was very proud of her!!!!

Did I mention that Dr.Laura only charged me 100 pesos!!!!!   That is like 8 dollars…just incredible I would recommend her to anyone.  Paola did not need a pill or the ice!!!

In the car outside I asked if they wanted to go back to Casa Hogar and they both said no so I figured pure fun was on the agenda so I took them up to the new mall where there is an arcade and games room and let them have 45 minutes of good fun!!

mar3 022

Check out their faces and concentration in this one!!!

mar3 023

mar3 024

mar3 027

mar3 031

mar3 032

Soon it was time to go to McDonalds for…

mar3 035

mar3 036

I dropped the girls back at their home and it is hard for me to believe that Saturday will be my last time with them till next November…I have so much enjoyed being with them and watching them grow and become young ladies!!!

Another quiet evening at home watching hockey before the start of the busy weekend!!!


Rick said...

Have you considered spending more time in San Miguel and less time in BC?


mexicokid said...

In a perfect world 6 months in each place.....

Write up for photos in below post

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