Saturday, October 01, 2016

Saturday 1st October 2016......Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits!!!!

WOW.....October already!!!!!! I am always amazed at how fast the weeks and months fly by!!!

This morning Malc was helping out the Salvation Army Officer who is away and every Saturday morning he goes to the lovely market town of Beverley and for three hours stands and sells the Salvation Army newspaper called the War Cry, so Malc filled in for him this week.
I packed up and using my new backpack hiked the 5 miles to the same town.....
It was a lovely sunny great walk please enjoy some sights along the way!!!

 Janet told me these are cabbages..

 Where am I heading??
 If we zoom in we see the Cathedral at Beverley!!!

 No need to make any comment here!!!
 I like this photo below...


Beverley, six miles to the north of Hull was once the capital of the East Riding of Yorkshire and is the home to Beverley Minster, regarded as one of the most beautiful churches in England. I
The minster has the architectural grandeur of a cathedral rather than a church and indeed many English cathedrals are more than overshadowed by Beverley. The first church, with an attached monastery was built at Beverley in the 7th century by St John of Beverley who had trained under St Hilda at Whitby. In 687 AD he became the Bishop of Hexham and later the Bishop of York
John later returned to Beverley, where he retired and was buried in his church. Later the Danes almost destroyed the church but it was rebuilt and visited by King Athelstan in the tenth century, sometime before a great battle with the Vikings. Pilgrims continued to flock to John's shrine and in 1037 he was canonized as a saint. In 1138 the saint's banner was carried with the standards of other famous northern saints at the Battle of the Standard near Northallerton.

Sometime after the Norman conquest the church was refashioned by the Normans, but their new building was destroyed by fire in 1188. Around 1220 rebuilding of a new minster church began and work continued until around 1420 culminating in the magnificent church of today.

 Look at the intricate work of those figures!!!!

 Simply a lovely church!!!

 It was market day and the town was buzzing!!!
 I found Malc selling and smiling!!!

 We came home around lunch time and a quick change and off to the big game!!!

Malc and the family have season tickets for Hull City Football Club and they were playing a big game this afternoon and I managed to buy a ticket for myself in a different section of the stadium......

 This photo below is taken from my seat looking across at the section where Malc and Tom are sitting...
 Can you see them??

 With my zoom you can!!
 Malc and Tom are there in the middle big smiles!!!
 About 25000 fans and quite a good game...

Unfortunately the home team lost 2 - 0  ..but I enjoyed my time there.

Just a quiet night at home with some TV and food.......

Delwin sent me this photo taken 120 yards from their cottage where I stayed.....the weather has been hot and everything is dry and the animals come into the compounds and this buffalo was too weak to defend himself!!!!

Have a great weekend....

and the saying on the header is a good typical Yorkshire saying!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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