Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday 30th September 2016...ending the month on a walking day!!

The last day of September where did this month go??

Walked into town and past the lovely church

 and then used Malc's bus pass to get into Hull...
I saw something that I thought went out of fashion years ago and I have not see since I was a kid, not great shots of the Rag and Bone Man!!!!

 Walked around town and did a bit of shopping and treated myself to a new back pack and a soccer shirt!!!

Came home and then took Poppy for a long walk she is a lovely dog but she has a hard time seeing now....
Back home and changed and then went on my usual almost 4 mile walk around and into the country and just took these what i think are peaceful and tranquil shots!!!!
 I hopped over the railway crossing and had to laugh because of the gate I went through on Wednesday at the train station the fine for not closing that gate was 2 slightly steeper!!!!

Enjoyed the walk.

Janet made another classic and fantastic meal...into the tub and then Malc and I going to settle down and watch a live and very important Rugby game......

Yashi Kochi!!!

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