Saturday, October 22, 2016

Friday 21st October 2016...only on the west coast!!!

Woke up to torrential rain and very dark skies!!!!

Spent the morning doing my final sorting out of stuff I need to take and i think Little Bluey will be able to handle it all!!

I called Karen this morning and told her to be ready for noon and I would pick her up  and nothing else.

She was waiting for me and thought I was taking her for lunch but instead I took her to the she had to have a large bag of popcorn!!!

I had told Karen about my big win at poker last night and who was in the line up in front of us but Eric, one of the players from last I got Karen to go to Eric and to thank him for the movie ticket.....he enjoyed the joke when he saw it as me...

We saw the new Tom Cruise movie with the star Jack Reacher from the Lee Child book...I have read and enjoyed all his books and the movie was action packed and entertaining....

As the header indicates only here could we go into the movie with the rain pounding down only to exit two hours later to brilliant sunshine!!!

I dropped Karen home and said good bye to her...we have been great friends for nearly 25 years now and have a special friendship that I cherish!!

I went and did a final shop a few items I cannot get in Mexico...Heather cooked a great supper and just a quiet night at home.....Ben's girlfriend Mia is a fabulous artist and graphic designer and I had asked her if she would paint a house sign for new new casita ..I told her what I would like on it and left it up to her to design and she did a remarkable job don't you think??
The things that are important to me and Doris my Mum's name!!!!

So my final weekend on the Island.......should be fun!!

Yashi Kochi!!


Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

Very sweet. Safe travels.

mexicokid said...

thanks are you coming down this winter? cheers les

Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

Wish we could but it is so expensive to run two households. We stayed in a beautiful house that cost us $900 US per month plus $400 per month for medical. We need to lower the budget big time for the housing. Peter would move there in a heartbeat. We are actually thinking about a move to Victoria, staying invested in BC.. Also he is in contact about a housesit in Guanajuato for the spring.

mexicokid said...

sounds great if I can help please ask cheers les

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