Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday 24th October...back in the US of A!!!

Happy Birthday to my nephew Mark it was great seeing you and the family over the summer!!

I left Sara's house at 7.30am for the drive down to Victoria where at 10.30 am I boarded the ferry...

 It is neat the ferry comes in to down town Victoria and that is the very famous Empress hotel where you can have afternoon tea consisting of cucumber sandwiches a glass of champagne, home made cakes and high tea all for the meager price of 65 dollars!!!
 The crossing is not highlighted very clearly but it is center in pink!!

 Beautiful mountains!!!
 The first two hours were quite slow until I got to the Interstate 5 and most of the day was like this!!!
 This evening i snapped this out of the side window not sure if it is a double rainbow or the reflection...
 Whatever it was beautiful!!!
I drove 625 km which is a normal day of driving for me and I arrived at my air bnb around 7.30 is a lovely home in a quiet neighborhood....the owner Mackenzie was still teaching at the University but she left me a key outside and instructions...amazing you can walk into someone's house this way.

My room is lovely and I had a long hot shower and heated up some left over dinner from last night that Sara sent with me and it was great.

Mackenzie came home and we chatted for a few minutes..a young vivacious and smart lady!!

So good to be back in the States and I hope with tomorrow's drive I shall be in some sunshine.....

For a change sweet dreams!!!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

It's nice that there are still people out there who just trust you. Safe travels.

mexicokid said...

yes for sure thanks les

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