Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday 17th October 2016....well I have made up my mind!!!!

I am gonna get me one of these!!!!!!

This Boomer he is a "chick" magnet.....

Went for our long walk again this afternoon and he just attracts the ladies like crazy not since my late 20's and 30's when I was a dead ringer for George Clooney have I received so many nice and wonderful comments from ladies who jog in tight spandex!!!!!!

The first comment was from a woman who was running and stopped and told me I had an adorable face!!!!  I just smiled and said why thank you so much you are pretty cute too!!!

Next was two more joggers who told me I was adorable and I again said thank you and commented that you both look lovely too!!

Finally another lady stopped and told me that I was so well groomed and I said thank you and told her that I do try to take care of myself!!!

My ego is still on cloud nine and all thanks to just walking Boomer!!!

Kirby who is working away for a short while sent this photo of the sunset tonight in Tofino...pretty spectacular!!!

Yashi Kochi!!

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