Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wednesday 19th October 2016...a little bit of everything!!!

Heather had the morning off work and

So she helped me with some things I needed and almost 90 minutes later we were back at the house and I had a great 42 inch TV, A down comforter, Fleecy Queen bed sheets, a nice pair of grey sweat pants and a warm black merino long sleeved top!!!!
Not bad eh?????

Had a a lazy afternoon watching another great Baseball Play off game from Toronto unfortunately they lost the game and the series and now their season is over and hockey takes over.

Took Boomer for his usual long walk we always do a different route around the area but always about 9 km and he loves to go even in the rain.....

I actually sat and watched the Presidential debate on TV and my only comment is that with a country with a population of close to 350 million these are the very best two candidates they can muster???

Janet and Malc set off tomorrow on their grand 50th Wedding gifts to themselves....they fly to Sydney spend three nights before boarding the exact same cruise ship I was on last year, the Noordam and sail down through Melbourne, Tasmania and to New Zealand on a 14 night cruise and then three nights in  Auckland before flying both deserve this wonderful and exciting break enjoy and I hope Malc the 17 pairs of socks and underwear you had Janet pack for you enjoy the journey!!!

Talking of trips....
So just to keep you up to date of my traveling plans....I leave on Monday and drive down to Victoria where I take the Black Ball Ferry to Port Angeles and then drive down south till I connect with Interstate 5 by Olympia and then follow that south....the ferry gets me into Port Angeles around noon and as I do not know how far I shall drive that afternoon I am not going to book any where to stay but just find a motel when I get tired.........

Hope to be around Eugene Oregon for the first stop!!

Tomorrow I will show you plans for the second day drive!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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