Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday 16th October easy day!!!!

Nothing really exciting today...after breakfast I took Boomer out for another long walk about 9 km and it managed to stay dry whilst I was out...

Then went to do a little shopping and only managed to get a small Humming bird feeder but another item off my list.

The late afternoon was spent sorting through some more of my stuff and sat down to a delicious roast pork dinner that Heather had cooked.

This evening we watched a movie on was very enjoyable....see told you it was an easy day!!

A week today I start my road trip down to San Miguel arriving on the 6th November....below is a map of the route..

More details later in the week....

Storm update.....the big storm really never came and the winds have died and the stopped for the minute but the forecast for next week is more rain....

Yashi Kochi!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Rain, rain and some more. We live in a rain forest. I wish we would leave for San Miguel too.

mexicokid said...

are you going down again this winter? les

Friday 20th July 2018......Friday again?????

The header at the top of the page is the back of the house and back yard with customary deer!!!!! It is getting later every