Monday, October 31, 2016

31st October 2016......short road trip east!!!

Said my earnest thanks and goodbye's to Stella and was on the road by 10.30 am for a short(for me) drive to Palm desert...
It was all Interstate driving and this is my last glimpse of the ocean this year!!

I skirted around the outside of the big city...
but still many lanes of fast moving vehicles!!

Now you know where you fresh morning orange juice comes from!!
Lovely cloud formations over the mountains!!

Turbine country!!

330 km later I was at my destination for the one night this is not airbnb but done through as I had an issue with my credit card long story not worth telling but should be rectified in a few days!!

This I think is an old Motel converted to a very nice 12 room B & B...
Very clean and spacious rooms with full kitchen..
even a private patio..
I had a nice dip in the salt water pool...

A really great place to relax for the evening!!

The route today to Palm Desert!!

Caron sent me these photos this morning and they are much better than mine!!

In the shot above left to right.....John, who is Caron's husband, Ashley, a sort of intelligent looking me, Stella in front of me and then Pauline, Ashley's Mum...then sitting right to left is Corning , Ashley's Dad and then Berlin and Michael, boy and girl friend and Michael is one of Caron's sons!!
and that is Caron next to me......they are an awesome family!!!

Happy and safe Halloween evening!!

Yashi Kochi!!

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