Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Wednesday 5th October 2016....back home!!

I have really enjoyed seeing Anne again and she treated me so well also loved the sights of London what a vibrant and moving city.....this morning we went shopping and guess who is going to look so spiffy in his new shoes at the Golden wedding on Saturday!!!!

Took  a couple of trains back to Hull this afternoon and fortunately no cows on the line this time and the journey went well....and I was back home at J & M's just after 6.00 pm!!!

This evening spent catching up with Janet and Malc as we all prepare for their big 50th wedding celebration dinner!!!

Nothing special tonight...



What am I going to do next Wednesday when back in Canada and I cannot watch the show??????

The Great British Bake Off dominates 2016 TV ratings so far

Paul Hollywood and Mary BerryImage copyrightPA
Image captionThe current series will be the last to feature both Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry as judges

The Great British Bake Off has filled every spot in the top five most watched programmes of the year so far.
An average of almost 13.5 million people have tuned in to each episode of the BBC One competition, according to the research body Barb.
It is the largest number of viewers Bake Off has attracted in its seven-year history.
The ratings include people who recorded the show and then watched it up to seven days after broadcast.
Most watched programmes 2016
Title, channel, dateNumber of viewers
1) The Great British Bake Off (BBC One), 24 August13.58 million
2) The Great British Bake Off (BBC One), 31 September13.45 million
3) The Great British Bake Off (BBC One), 14 September13.29 million
4) The Great British Bake Off (BBC One), 21 September13.12 million
5) The Great British Bake Off (BBC One), 7 September13.08 million
6) Britain's Got Talent (ITV), 16 April12.46 million
7) Britain's Got Talent (ITV), 23 April12.32 million
8) Euro 2016: Portugal v France (BBC One), 10 July12.27 million
9) Euro 2016: Wales v Belgium analysis (BBC One), 1 July11.89 million
10) Britain's Got Talent (ITV) 30 April11.87 million
The data covers only the first five episodes of the current series, and does not include the sixth instalment which aired on 28 September.
Other popular shows this year have been ITV's talent show Britain's Got Talent and Euro 2016 matches, with the former as Bake Off's closest competitor.
One episode of the talent show attracted 12.5 million viewers in April, putting it in sixth place.
Channel 4 has signed a three-year deal with Love Productions, which makes The Great British Bake Off, to air the show from 2017.

Yashi Kochi!!!


Dee Tillotson said...

Les, just love the blue shoes! They remind me of Elvis and his blue suede shoes. Ha! Looks like we in the USA have to wait for the latest episodes of the Great British Bake Off until your network syndicates the latest show to our Public Broadcasting Station (PBS). In the meantime, we have Hurricane Mathew blowing his way up the East coast, and we are locking down all projectiles in the yard from high speed winds. I hope to get to the Wingies soon when this storm is over.


mexicokid said...

I sure cannot move like Elvis!!! take care with the hurricane and the wingies will be worth waiting for best wishes les

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