Friday, October 07, 2016

Friday 7th October 2016....One more sleep before the big DAY!!!!!

So Britain may have the Bake Off but we have master baker Janet in our house and these are her now world famous WINGIES!!!!!

I think my Mum started the tradition of when ever I came back to England she would bake a batch of wingies and Janet has continued in the same vein......

 and trust me they taste as good as they look and it is impossible to just eat one!!!!
 I know this is a lousy photo but i quickly snapped it as my Bro was walking into the kitchen with his breakfast plate...
 Why have I taken it you may ask??  Well let me tell you about my lovely Brother Malc.....he has almost without respite had the same breakfast every morning for many many years and this morning I found this out about him.....on his toast he has marmalade but never raspberry jam but when he just has un toasted bread he has jam and never marmalade...go figure!!!

Our Janet even smiles when she is dusting!!!!
 Look at all the lovely cards they have received!!!
 Some of the flowers I have bought for them..
 Today was a really lazy day for me and I must admit my arm was hurting a little after all the work yesterday especially the hedge trimming and holding the saw even brushing my teeth was hard!!!
Anyway this morning whilst Janet was cleaning the house I sat and read newspapers......then lunch....then I packed a little...and then in the middle of the afternoon had chips and ice tea and watched TV for a while.........not used to such an easy day!!!

I did walk into the village in the late afternoon and tonight treated us all to a carvery dinner, did not want Janet to cook, the meal was really good!!

So this is the boys!!!  Just in case you are not sure Malc is on the right...we look like 14 years old!!!!
 and here is the happy couple...Janet looks gorgeous and come on how old do you think Malc was???

So everything set for tomorrow night!!!

When I bought the flowers I suggested a small vase and some in their bedroom and Janet said no you are not supposed to put flowers in the bedroom I had never heard of that so this is what Google has to say!!!

There appears to be a divergence of views on the subject of whether plants in a bedroom are helpful or harmful to a person's health. My concern is whether the fact that plants release carbon dioxide, not oxygen, at night (and use oxygen at night) would significantly enough compromise the breathing air in a bedroom while a person is trying to sleep. A search of Google reveals the divergence of views, as follows:

On the one hand, the knee-jerk answer seems to be that adding plants to a bedroom can only be helpful because plants clean the air of chemical toxins, add oxygen to the air during the day, do not release enough carbon dioxide at night or use enough oxygen at night to be harmful, and generally promote a cleaner indoor air environment in the bedroom.

On the other hand, others contend that in Europe and apparently in New Mexico it is common knowledge that a person should not place plants in the bedroom because the plants release carbon dioxide at night and the presence of plants in the bedroom can be harmful and even fatal. Apparently some time ago in Britain, plants were removed from bedrooms at night for this reason. Google also revealed an article mentioning that regularly sleeping in a greenhouse would raise concerns for these reasons.

(Feng shui experts also diverge on the matter with some saying plants in the bedroom are good, others saying they are bad, for reasons that are not biological per se in the particular realm of feng shui). 

(It should be noted that a handful of plants, such as the snake plant, release oxygen at night, not carbon dioxide, and have been suggested as aiding in sleep for this reason.) 

Yashi Kochi!!!!!


Carol said...

Wow on the plants in bedroom controversy. .. altho I would submit that since the plants of cut flowers are no longer performing photosynthesis, that neither oxygen nor carbon dioxide are released!! And with regard to your question, I would say Malc looks 19 in the wedding photo! And Janet just grows lovelier by the year! Hugs and big congratulations to both of them... :) <3

mexicokid said...

that is an interesting thoughts and we all say thank you for the kind words take care blessings les

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