Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thursday 20th October Kenny Rogers sang.."You've got to know when to hold em know when to fold em""

Up bright and early this morning and at the shoe shop by 8.30 am as Little Bluey needed 4 new great service and out 40 minutes later!!!

Did some more shopping and then this afternoon took Boomer out on another long walk except this time he really loved it because he was off leash!!!
It rained quite hard and then the sun came out...

It was a nice hike to the waterfall but there is about a 70 foot drop path down to the falls that is steep and has ropes to help you down..I have been down there before but did not want to risk it with Boomer...
So you will have to enjoy these photos taken from the Internet!!

It is a beautiful fall especially after all this rain....we had fun and Boomer ran miles!!!

A nice hot bath and tonight is poker night....I have been in this poker group for about 14 years a really great set of guys and we meet for dinner first at a local pub and then 4 hours of trying to put on a better poker face than the next guy......

It was great to see them all again and really happy to report I won 28  dollars...I think they were glad for me to leave!!!

In these times of strife and trouble please take a few minutes and go to You Tube and enter
Scott Hoying blowing in the wind sit back and listen and enjoy!!!

A great day!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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