Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday 28th October 2016.......a day late!!!

It was nice to wake up and be warm and it was also nice to wake up and have a wonderful portion of omelette that Caron made!!

We were out of the house before 9 am as we had a tennis match lined up......this I have been looking forward to!!!

The club and grounds are immaculate...

Beautiful pool area

and the landscaping is divine.....

Caron, Stella and another lady named Alice and myself played almost two hours of really good competitive tennis....this is a shot of the losers!!!

And the winners!!!

It was a fantastic way to start the day......and these three ladies were amazing players!!!

Afterwards Stella and I lounged about in here!!!

Just what the old body needed!!!

Stella and I then took an afternoon drive up the coast to Ventura where we had a lovely late lunch and then went to a was in a new theater and these are the seats

so comfy. The chairs recline with head rests!!!..

The show was a new release called Denial based on a true story about the was brilliantly directed and acted a show worth seeing!!

We took a stroll around the down town area which is vibrant, clean and fun!!!!

I did not know that this area of the State has been in a long drought for at least a few years so everyone is thrilled that rain is in the forecast for tomorrow heavy I should not complain and as I write the rain is tumbling down!!!

There were Internet issues at the house so hence the late post!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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