Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Wednesday 9th December 2015……a day’s outing!!

Before I tell you about today let me finish off yesterday….The roast lamb dinner was delicious and just what I needed….I then got cleaned up and went down town to the majestic Regent theatre where there was a packed house of over 300 locals to hear this lady…


This lady was truly inspirational she was diagnosed last year with MND.Motor neurone disease and with her husband went travelling knocking off items on her bucket list….she showed images on the big screen and one was of a house in Nanaimo where her great great Grandmother lived


I think she married this man……I spoke to merle after the presentation and told her how much I had enjoyed her and wished her good luck and added that I lived over 20 years in Nanaimo she was so thrilled to hear that…..

I then walked down to the sea and took these shots the wind was howling and it was cold…


The town has a reputation for being the capitol of drift wood and the town is spelled here ut of drift wood.




Came home had tea and now going to read in bed!!!

Had a good sleep and Dorothy made me a wonderful breakfast and i was on the road by 9am to do a tour around the area and then i am back in town for two nights but at a different place.

I used my book and my first stop was here







This was a road side memorial and when you read this remember it was over 70 years ago!!




The roads I was going on were getting smaller and smaller


It has been at least two days since a waterfall shot!!!


That is not dirty water just sediment.

I then used my book to go here


A really small path


Found the sign


and the walk by the river


Then the track moved inland and the path was waterlogged in many places


and I did something I do not usually do I turned around and decided to go back..the clouds were coming in and I did not think this was going to be a long hike and I was not prepared with anything so did not see the bridge…later found out from my host at the airbnb place that I was about ten minutes away!!!

These are the animals I encountered today!!





I decided because of all the driving I am doing on back and gravel roads that I should trade in TP for a more suitable vehicle and I found one this afternoon!!!!!!


Went into town to do some shopping and the first sign of the season I have seen!!!


Sorry i do not know why some of these photos are smaller and blurry and why this one is this way up!!!

Found my place for two nights a very lovely home I have my own small but nice bedroom and bathroom and the use of the kitchen and lounge and the hosts provide breakfast…65 dollars per night.


I am going out to town for fish and chips and then back to the theatre I went to last night to see the new James Bond movie!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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