Thursday, December 03, 2015

Thursday 3rd December 2015…who ordered rain???

I know I keep saying it but there should be a book about the beds of New Zealand like there is a book about the doors of San Miguel..they are so comfy…I feel great again this morning I am pretty sure I did not drink enough yesterday and hence I felt tired and sluggish….

I left this lovely little cabin at around 9am with grey skies and drops of rain but a good thing because today was going to be a driving day with a few stops of interest….with the first being at a beach called Shag Point…


and these amazing boulders!!!


More information on them in a minute



12 km north there was another beach with more boulders …. this one very touristy




I really have not seen anything quite like this!!!



This one was split open…


This was my lunch stop on top a wild and blustery bluff!!


The rain came down hardDSC00116

As I did not know how far as I was going to drive I made no booking for tonight and around 3pm I started looking for a place passed up two till I found this wonderful B & B

Lynn and Bruce are so obliging and I will tell you all about it and then guess the price!!!

My room


and if i get home sick….


You just know that within minutes I shall be in here!!!


As I was settling in a knock on the door would I like a beer or a glass of thanks but would love a cup of tea…a few minutes later a pot of tea and home made fruit cake appeared!!!

I was told that the house is my house so I washed my drink containers and put some food in the fridge and freezer


Love the cowpoke!!!


Then I did a self tour of the property



and right next door


Who are you looking at???

Then given the best place to eat in town


Just like Momma made!!!

Then back home I was in the tub with coconut and olive oil shampoo and body wash and bubble bath when there was a knock on the door…Les we are just going out for 45 minutes if anyone comes will you rent out the rooms!!!  Too funny!!  Of course unfortunately no one showed up… using the desk to write this


When they came home another cup of tea and more fruit cake appeared and finally if I get lonely tonight I could always find a cuddle buddy here!!!


Ok forgot it also includes a home cooked how much……give up ……

65 dollars!!!!

The map of where I drove today now in Fairlie


I have two great hikes and a fairly long driving day planned for tomorrow and an airbnb booked tomorrow night for two nights so can relax and wait till you hear about that one….

Yashi Kochi!!!


Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

Reading about the doors of SMA leads me to the question as to where exactly did you live here in SMA? We have been here for two days and have walked literally till we dropped.
We are staying in a house in Azteca at the very edge over looking the pressa. Not sure if you know the area but we have also managed to walk to the Mega as well and many points in between.
Would love to know where you were as I think we would need less expensive digs than we have now.
We are loving it immensely and anything that you think would add to our experience would be appreciated. Budgets can such at times but they are a reality in life.
Looking forward to your book on beds in NZ, lol.
You certainly are having a great time. Safe travels.

mexicokid said...

Shelagh e mail me at and I will help you...les

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