Monday, December 07, 2015

Tuesday 8th December 2015….quadruple whammee!!!!

Relaxed over a light breakfast and glad to see the sun shining for my short road trip of about 90 km but with off the beaten paths exploring and something just a bit special…..

The roads are well maintained and not busy and my first photo opportunity of the day

DSC00434 Stitch

Then it was down to the river



My off the beaten track guide book suggested I stop in the next small town where they offer and I quote” All I can say is that it is a way cheaper flight than the tourist a rama flights in the resort town just an old school non touristy feeling glacier flight”

So I spoke to the owner and she told me about the flights and the location was 5 km away down by the river where her pilot was and she told me the cost and I said yes I would do it…the proviso was that they needed two other people to fly….I told her I believed in karma I would drive down and if it was meant to be it would be.

I got to the flight office and registered and the pilot said I was the only one but who knows who may turn up.  I told him I would take a walk down by the river and when I came back if no one else shows I move along.


I walked down to the colourful river and when I came back he had two thumbs up!!!


Yes I am aware that three weeks ago there was a tragic helicopter crash in these mountains but I also realized that this would be a chance of a lifetime!!

Another couple went in the front seat with the pilot and I was in the back and away we went…..want to join me??  OK fasten your seat belt put on the head sets and were are good to go!!!



Soon we were in the clouds and close to the peaks it was an unbelievable experience and a little bumpy!!!!!!



A great view of the 28km long Tasman Glacier!!


Then the exciting part putting down on the mountain top!!!!



The air was pure, not cold and it was a feeling of incredible awareness of the beauty of this planet.  I was also surprised to learn that i was standing on over 300 yards of snow and that the altitude was 6500 feet which is the exact same altitude of San Miguel!!!

On the way back I got the front seat!!


DSC00496 Stitch



Heading back!!



Will not forget this ride!!!!

the guide book next describes a hike through some thick bush, by the river to a secret hot spring hole…had to try it!!!


Easy so far…


and pretty…


Then into the bush for a few hundred yards


Next off with the boots and socks to wade up stream


and there is the pool!!!!!


and it was lovely and warm!!!!

Around 3pm I arrived in the nice small town of


I am actually staying here 3 nights the first night i am going to try one of the pub rooms and meals and tomorrow night for 2 nights in a private home…..I stopped in the visitors centre and got some info and also found out there is a lady giving a concert/talk/photo showing in the Regent Theatre…do not know what to expect but i got a ticket and also whilst i was there they are showing the new James Bond movie tomorrow so I got a ticket for that too.

Found the Pioneer pub, the owners are away for a couple of days but the bar is being run by a friend, Dorothy who showed me to my room and put milk in the fridge for my tea….it is only 35 dollars includes dinner and breakfast in the morning…basic but what do I need more…clean showers and washrooms!!




I am posting this early because Dorothy informed me she will be closing the bar at 7pm and the internet does not reach my room so will tell you tomorrow about the show…what a day!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


Esther said...

Fantastic! Love the glacier flight pics! We got completely rained out when we were at Franz Joseph but we hiked anyway :-)

mexicokid said...

That ride I shall never forget so pristine and wonderful and yes the rain closed the hike the day before..take care les

Carol said...

Wow!! I really enjoyed the helicopter ride!! thanks! :)

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