Saturday, December 12, 2015

Saturday 12th December fixed weather NOT!!!!

Had a great sleep and a great light breakfast and saw that it was light rain outside and decided to go into town to see if there was a computer techie and I found one on the main street...I outlined the issue and he knew about it and told me to leave the puter with him for an hour and I did and was really happy to see that I had picked the day of the Christmas parade...I have mentioned before that you would have no idea it was the Christmas season approaching it is quite refreshing actually but I did enjoy the parade reminds me of all the parades I have seen and enjoyed in SMA!!!

Love this one of the seniors braving the was good to see and to hear the bands playing carols.....thought of you Mally(My brother)!!!

I went back to the techie and he told me that Live Writer was at issues with Google and Microsoft and nothing he could do BUT I could also do my blog the same way almost on Blogger and he showed me how to install that and I am happy....he wanted no money and wished me a great stay and Christmas and I returned the offerings with a 20 dollar note!!!!
It just takes me a little longer to do and I am not able to mess around so much with the photos but at least my readers are getting a post...what I do for my viewers!!!
As I was on my way home the rain really started to come down and from 11.30am to 7pm it just poured!!!!
I took the time to some reading..make some tentative plans for the early part of next year and just putter around....made myself a lovely pork chop dinner and then the rain stopped as I said around 7pm and I just needed and wanted to get out to a short hike close by and I was gone about 90 minutes but it was a fun filled time!!

I then found an entrance through a field down to the beach

My book tells me about this beach that if you walk it at low tide there are two caves and one leads to another wonderful beach
The walk was great fun I had my camera in my pocket, I usually have it wrapped around my wrist but I was scrambling over rocks and felt it safer in my pocket but I disturbed a seal and he scurried away down to the ocean so I was not able to get a better shot than this
This is only the second beach I have ever been on where waterfalls come and flow right onto the beach!!!

BUT wait not one waterfall but two!!!!
I had to take my socks and shoes off to get to the cave

As  much as I wanted to go through I deemed it safer and dryer and colder not to...but it was a great little jaunt with lots of excitement.
Below is some of the animals I have seen the last few weeks!!!
So all in all a good day.
If it is not raining tomorrow morning I will try to do two of the hikes I came here to do before I start the almost 4 hour drive over to what I hope is the sunny east coast.
Yashi Kochi!!!

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