Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wednesday 30th December 2015...where did the year go??

Another great sleep and Tilley is always waiting for me when I come out of the bedroom and we go straight to the park for about 30 minutes...come home and I feed her and then I let Babs out after giving her some water and then it is time for my breakfast...that is how the mornings go around here.
Spent a bit of time watering the grass in both front and back and it looks good.....I needed to do some more planning and unless I get a house sit job in February in Australia I plan to hire a car for the month and do some touring around maybe the Great coast road and then up the gold coast any suggestions???
I had planned to go to tennis at 6pm but wouldn't you know after a wonderful sunny day around 5pm the clouds came in and the rain clouds came and it just teemed down essentially cancelling the tennis!!!!
More walks for Tilley and I had take out fish and chips for dinner and now going to watch a movie and then a bath..not exciting to read I must admit...I promise stuff will happen tomorrow!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!


Claire_Houlihan said...

Loving your blog!

mexicokid said...

thanks i enjoy yours too...L

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