Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wednesday 23 rd December 2015...the sun returns!!!!

A great sleep followed by a lazy nice breakfast and then some time in the yard with Tilley
and I let Babs out too but it is hard to get a good shot of her she is so fast!!
Just before noon I went out on the mountain bike and biked into town where I joined the library as a temporary member took out some books and then just enjoyed about two hours of walking all around town.

This is a great town has almost everything from a small hospital, good school and aquactic centre, many stores and a lovely central park

I was home by 3pm and just had a light lunch and then went into the garden to read before getting ready and going to the tennis club for 6pm.....another great evening and I know I say it a lot but everyone seems so kind and friendly.......
Boy the days go by so quickly!!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!


Croft said...

Remember to ride on the 'wrong' side of the road!

mexicokid said...

Too funny I have really good with this but when i used a mountain bike a couple of weeks ago I went on the wrong side for about 300 yards cheers les

Croft said...

A friend of ours rented a car in Australia and within two blocks he looked left, turned right and was hit head on by a truck, totaling the rental! No one hurt, just his pride (and the rental but they gave him a new one).

Friday 20th July 2018......Friday again?????

The header at the top of the page is the back of the house and back yard with customary deer!!!!! It is getting later every