Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday 27th December 2015.....never left the house!!!

Boy this turned out to be one very laid back stay home and do not too much kind of a day BUT it felt good!!!!
Really do not know where the time went.....I did lots of walks with Tilley, I let Babs run free in the back yard and I am now at the stage where I can just about pet her and she is easy to get her back in her cage.....did lots of watering of the gardens and flowers as it was sunny and warm again.
Spent time on the computer and doing some planning...I leave NZ on 18th January for a week in Melbourne where I have tickets for the tennis open but after that no set plans so I have been applying for house sit jobs in Australia for the month of February and it that does not pan out then I may just hire a car and tour the east coast of Australia for a month.
In March I would like to go to South Africa and spend at least six weeks there before going to somewhere in Europe where I also have been applying for house sit jobs before I finish up in England in nothing fixed but plans in the works!!!
Watched a movie tonight and plan tomorrow not to be old and lazy and I will go on a long day hike!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

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