Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Wednesday 2nd December 2015….another vista filled day!!!

It is really only the 1st December in BC and I want to say hello and a special birthday wish to Heather!!!!  I have known Heather and Kirby and watched their three sons grow and graduate and they truly have been so wonderful to me all these years…Have a great day!!!!

It was nice to relax and not have to pack and rush off so after some yogurt and cereal I drove into the city I needed to go to the information centre and I took this photo


What I like about this is the fact that I took the exact same shot a month ago as this was a port we came into on the cruise!!!!

My plan today was to circumnavigate the Otago Peninsular just outside of Dunedin and soon I was crossing the causeway


No need for much commentary from me just enjoy the sunshine and the views just like TP did!!!!




I did about 4 different short hikes…



I don’t mind cows on the other side of fences…




There was an old timer tending his gorgeous flowers and I stopped and asked him about them and he told me they are from South Africa and the local name is Pigs faces!!!

He said there were no flowers three weeks ago and by January they would be gone, so lovely!!



Well if it is not cows on the road it is


One of the hikes was here






These are invasive Lupins and what the locals call the two pyramids!!

and then the beach!!!!

DSC00044 Stitch

I have this beautiful beach all to myself right????  WRONG!!!!

Check out the little dot on the right close to the ocean!!!!!

DSC00049We have an upside down sea lion and a few minutes later


and a few more minutes later off he strutted!!!


DSC09988 Stitch

Just breath taking scenery and an unusual hedge!!




It was a great long hot day and I do not think I drank enough fluids and I am very tired tonight so off to bed early…..Hope you enjoyed the drive!!

Yashi Kochi!!


Elaine May said...

I am enjoying your drivel very much. New Zealand seems to be such a beautiful country, lots of green!
Elaine McCullough May from Saltair BC.

mexicokid said...

so glad you are having fun with the scenery and the stories it sure is a great place best wishes les

Carol said...

I could swear I wrote a comment, but don't see it... so will try again. Just wanted to say love the concretions... they are spectacular!! And to be right on the edge of the beach is so cool. Thanks for a pic of the geo writeup! Cheers.

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