Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thursday 31st December 2015...well my last post this year!!!

The rain was all finished and another lovely day so I decided to go play tennis and it was a lot of fun as always then went on a road trip to Akaroa!!!
It was nice to go back here because this is the port of call from the cruise ship where Becky and June and I went swimming with the Hector this time I approached from the road and the scenery was wonderful!!!

The town has a French flavor to it and most of the names are was busy with tourists and some of the homes and the flower beds are gorgeous!!!

I know I am a bit nuts!!!

I enjoyed the day and I did not get home till after 7pm and by the time I had dinner walked Tilley and had a bath it is now almost 11pm...I do not think I will wait up to bring the new year in.....But I do want to wish every single person reading this a safe and healthy and happy 2016......thanks for being such loyal readers of this blog which is now in it's ninth much has happened and thanks for being a part of wishes and blessings to all......les
Yashi Kochi!!!!

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