Thursday, December 31, 2015

Friday 1st January 2016...Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits!!!!

For those of you new to the blog my Mum, bless her, always told me to say rabbits, rabbits, rabbits, the first of every month when I wake up to bring good luck and I have been saying these three words for many years now and it does seem to work for me so imagine my joy to not only welcome a new month but a new year by saying rabbits, rabbits, rabbits when Babs the bunny is outside in the garden!!!
Hope you all had a wonderful safe and happy new years eve..I know the celebrations here were finished before most of yours were starting!

My new years day started off with a great breakfast and then down to the tennis courts for about an hour on the courts and then I took off onto the elusive waterfall hike.
A few days ago I wanted to explore and find the Ryde falls and as I documented that day I came to this sign below

and immediately turned right and hiked for almost five hours there and back before I had realized I had taken the wrong here I try again but this time I do in fact go straight onto the correct trail!!!

The above shots show the only part of the trail that was not in dense bush but with clear and easy paths some uphill but not too bad!
I made sure I followed each sign this time..

7 km later I came to the falls a lovely three tier falls...

I enjoyed my lunch at the base of the falls and then hiked the 7km back......
This evening just dinner a long soak in the tub and going to watch some TV.
For me a wonderful start to a year that is guaranteed to be filled with new countries and vistas, new friends and who knows what else.....had a great start tennis, a waterfall hike!!!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!!


Samantha Marshall said...

Happy New Year Les we're having a family meal with mum & Dad and Andy Daz is just doing the dishes! Looking forward to your visit :-) xx

mexicokid said...

so glad you have Daz well trained!!!!! Happy 2016 Uncle les

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