Friday, December 11, 2015

Saturday 12th December 2015..update!!!

Well I spent some time in a local computer store and the problem is as before when the window update finishes my Google account sign in acts up..this has occurred before and so many people complained that Microsoft fixed it so I am hoping they will again.  the knowledgeable man t the store helped and figured out i could post in a different format which is this so i hope it comes through and i am still experimenting with it!!

So this is the post i wrote about yesterday!!

Happy to report that this old body is still ticking along no repercussions from yesterday’s hike…..Glenis and Dave were great hosts and made me a wonderful breakfast before I left on my journey north…thank you for a great stay!!!
My destination later today  Cape Foulwind, funny name right??

and this shows where I am in relation to Christchurch where I shall be on Sunday!!

There were three things I wanted to see and do on the drive today but the time of the tide prevented me from doing small hikes…I needed low tide and it was high but the drive was very scenic and I love being by the ocean…..the weather was just alright, no sun but not cold!!

A wild and windy beach!!

I am glad there was a fence between me and this lovely animal!!!!

This stop was a busy tourist stop but the waves were not big enough for any blow holes but still a very interesting act of nature!!!

Do you see the face???

I see another face!!!

Around 2pm the rain started and luckily I was just pulling into my airbnb place for two nights and I knew as soon as I drove up the driveway

it was going to be really you think so???

The views from my deck…

There was a couple of hikes I wanted to do but the rain never stopped so I relaxed instead…did more thinking about where I want to travel to after January, caught up on some paper work, cooked a nice dinner, had a really long hot shower and after this I think it is tea, cookies and the couch with my book!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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