Friday, December 04, 2015

Saturday 5th December 2015….now what does that mean???

Of course it means I wake up after a great sleep and enjoy my cup of morning tea watching a live soccer game from England!!!


Today was going to be a really easy one filled with little chores and just taking it easy..nice to be in my own huge space and make use of all the facilities…..did a little more washing and then line dry in the blustery wind.

Washed TP and noticed the strawberry bush..boy they were sweet and juicy!


I did some more trip planning and bookings for the west coast drive starting tomorrow and then cooked myself a really nice brunch!!!

Decided it was time for some exercise so borrowed Little Red


and away I went to explore the cute little town!!!

DSC00274 Stitch


You don't get any idea from the photos but it was a cold windy day and the lake looked freezing so when I saw this couple drive up in their van get out purposely walk onto the beach and go straight into the water for about 30 seconds come out get dry and get back in their van I could not believe it..the whole operation took no more than 3 minutes…I was cold just watching them!!!



Must admit I do miss my times on the courts!!!


A very pretty small town



DSC00293 Stitch

It was good not to drive for a change and I enjoyed the bike…came home and had tea did some computer work and then a long hot soak in the tub whilst listening to my favourite Celtic Thunder songs……

Had leftovers which were great and  going to watch a movie on Sky channel…

Some reflections so far and in no particular order!!

I am so blessed to be able to be doing this.

The local people are so very kind and friendly.

You would not know it is Christmas season…none of the flash and glitz anywhere.

I miss SMA.

Thanks for great health.

I think I have the best family and friends in the world.

This world is still a beautiful place regardless of the nasty stuff going on.

I look at my face and my body and know I am getting older.

Yashi Kochi!!!

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