Sunday, December 06, 2015

Sunday 6th December 2015…….plan thwarted!!!

I had a great sleep till 4.30am!!!!!!Could not get back to sleep so instead got up made some tea and turned on the TV and watched a live soccer game from England!!!

Had a nice breakfast and was packed and on the road by 8am… off the beaten track guide book told me of a glacier hike that sounded fun but the start was on a road of 35km of gravel with 9 fords to cross and he did offer a word of caution about the fords…anyway I thought I would give it a try…..

The gravel road was really good and plenty of livestock..


Beautiful scenery and i was doing Ok crossing the streams but No.6 got me!!!


This van did not cross either and I decided it was not worth risking damaging TP  …so I pulled over and there was a small waterfall close by to explore instead



DSC00317 Stitch

I then headed towards the west coast over the Haast Pass very lovely indeed!!

DSC00323 Stitch



I then stopped here



Unfortunately my photos could not bring out the true colours!!


This area is well know for these


I was wearing my green Mexico soccer shirt and really they did not bother me…..I would have to be a very brave man to make any comment about the second line of the third paragraph!!!!


This old bridal path bridge was also listed in my travel book saying if you got down to the stream and waded up stream you get into a slot canyon and again it warns the water can be cold and deep….AND it was!!!!


this part was OK



But this was too deep and way too cold for me….so another plan changed!!


Lots of waterfalls on this drive…


I liked this stone I know you cannot tell from the shot but it was about three feet wide!!


I marked the start and finish and tomorrow I continue up the coast north.

I found this place to stay


There are about 30 rooms mainly dorms but i have my own room


I share the bathroom but no one else in the wing where I am..

Really good kitchen facilities


and a nice courtyard!!


All very nice and for 50 dollars!!!

I got settled in..did todays laundry and hung it outside on the line and then took an easy chair outside and sunbathed and read!!!!

So the day was changed up a bit and I am a bit tired so off to bed when i have finished this!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


Samantha Marshall said...

Lovely pictures Les a country I'd love to visit looking forward to seeing you next year xx

mexicokid said...

you would love it here Sam every corner something different...yes a long stay this summer so get those wingies ready!!!!Love Uncle LES

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