Monday, December 28, 2015

Tuesday 29th december 2015...Internet!!!

Woke up to a lovely morning yesterday but without Internet...funny how you get used to just turning on the computer seeing what happened in the world see who e mailed you and of course checking your bank account!!!!!
It was the day of a big hike and I had found a long waterfall hike that was about 30 minutes drive away and I was on the road by 11am.
Found the parking area and the signs
Ok let you into a little secret I am really bad at signs!!!!!  I do not pay close enough attention and I realize this but I still continue to have this bad habit.
Look at the sign above it is quite obvious which way to the waterfall but which way do I go??? I turned right!!!!
So I had a lovely hard up hill hike but on the wrong track!!!

IT was hard hike up and after about 2 hours I realize that I was not on the right track and I had seen no one else on the track....I decided to turn around and come back the same way and when I got back to the sign I realized how silly I had I had a great hike and enjoyed it and now the best part is I can go back another day and find the waterfall!!!!
I took a different route home and passed this wonderful river what gorgeous colors!

Came home and had a long soak in the bath cooked dinner and settled in and watched Shawshanke Redemption again...a wonderful movie!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

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