Friday, December 25, 2015

Saturday 26th December 2015.......sunshine all day!!

After a lovely breakfast and doing some house chores I took Tilley for a long walk she is so good I let her off her leash but she always keeps an eye on me to see where I am.
I then packed some fruit and drinks and went to the about that for Christmas day???
It was only a 15 minute drive to a beach that both ways I could not see the end!!!

It was a great walk and the skies were so incredible...
I was home by late afternoon and just enjoyed the house, Tilley, trying to get Babs back into her cage and then a lovely supper of fresh picked(by me) pots and peas and lamb chops!!!!
Then it was a movie evening a Skype call to my Family in England and the end of my NZ Christmas!!!
I sleep really well and this morning I have been watering the lawns, playing with the "kids" and now going off on a hike....
I know some of you are still celebrating so have fun and be safe!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!!

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