Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday 13th december 2015.....a long day in the driving seat!!!

There was nasty rain storms through the night and this morning and the plans to do a couple of hikes before I hit the road were soon shelved and I was on the road by 8.30am...the weather changed as often as the landscape check these out!!!

There are two passes you can take to get from the west to east coast and I chose Arthur's pass, very lovely scenery!!!

and there was this waterfall hike!!!
It was hard to capture the size and power of these falls!!!

Blue Lupins everywhere

A short hike here

Two reasons for this one above...first I wanted pies for supper and second that is the name of my English city!!!!!
I arrived at my apartment the owners were not home but had arranged to leave the key for is small but really nice!!

I am here till next weekend when I move into the home that I am house and pet sitting for three weeks.......the owners came and introduced themselves they are both Corrections officers and they have invited me over for dinner tomorrow!!!
As I was settling in the skies got dark and it started to hail amazing how the weather changes...TP is not happy!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


Carol said...

Yo Les! I just had to share about a woman's story that was told at our little community Christmas show last weekend. She was born and raised in NZ and she told us how when they celebrated Christmas it was always hot... so they would always have cold dishes for Christmas dinner! And that it was very understated celebrating down there... as you have described. I do not even remember if she said they exchanged gifts, or if they did I think it was only one. And how shocked she was when she moved to the US to see the huge celebration it is.... I think it is the perfect country for you and me!! Altho I have put up some lights this year... :) Thank you for your wonderful photos... I think this may be one of my favorite trips that you have done! And the geology looks spectacular...

mexicokid said...

yes it is an amazing country people and vista wise..all so wonderful I knew you would like some of the rock formations and today i went in a big mall and sure enough Christmas stuff everywhere but down town here is really sad from the earth quakes blessings les

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