Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Wednesday 4th May 2016...a little bit of everything!!

Now the evenings and the mornings are a little cool requiring me to wear long pants and a sweat top till the suns warms me up around 9.30am...which is the time I left my lovely apartment for a short drive here
It is a little hard to see I have still not mastered the art of getting Google map onto the blog anyway I am at this town on the left hand side of the map..
On the way I went through the most magical town, Elim......all the streets so clean....all the houses mainly white and thatched roofs
I love this shot cows on the lawn...
 Apparently the men in this town are wanted all over the country for their skill at making the thatch roofs!!!
The lovely church and below this tells more about the town and the monument...

 Elim was initially a refuge for the indigenous Khoi people until it was taken over by hundreds of slaves. Most its 1 400 residents living there today are descendants of the slaves. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)
In memory of emancipated slaves who found refuge at Elim in the Overberg, Western Cape, is the slavery emancipation monument. Elim, with its whitewashed thatched cottages, Moravian Church and the oldest working clock in South Africa, is a national treasure.
The mission station at Elim was established in 1824, when German missionaries arrived at the Cape. Biblically, Elim is the place the Israelites rested after crossing the Red Sea.
The monument was first built in 1938 and was "re-unveiled" in 2004 after falling into disrepair in the 1990s. It was rebuilt in time to mark the United Nations declaration that 2004 was the year to celebrate the victory of humanity’s struggle against slavery.

My next stop in this amazing little town was

Then I met Sophie..
Here she was sitting outside her small restaurant by the water wheel and I got out to take photos of the wheel she shouted hello to me and I  walked over to her and she said you look like you have come a long way and I said you won't believe how far and I told her Mexico.....and that was it for the next 15 minutes we just sat and talked about our countries....the people...the problems....the was just another one of those times when life rewards you with a gift that costs nothing but stays with you forever......I asked her what she cooks and she told me there was a milk tart just coming out of the oven...
That was it for me...
It is like a custard tart and will go down well with tea later tonight....
What a delightful woman who lives in a great place in this universe!!
Back on the road can you imagine living in this town and answering when somebody asks you "Where do you live?"
 In Mexico we call them Canada we call them speed bumps and in South Africa they call them....

I arrived at my apartment just after 12.30pm and although I was early my room was ready...I booked through airbnbn but it is a bit different it is actually a 8 room motel
My room is at the corner and a really nice room with everything I need!!!

Even comes with a pet!!!!!

After I got settled in and organized I donned my hiking gear and went off to this place for a 14 km or a  8.5 miles hike along the coast

It was really a very diversified walk and lovely to be in the sun and on the ocean side for the whole walk..

In this shot above I like the grooves in the big rock!!!

 Even I could not get lost on this trail with these kinds of markers!!
 It is becoming apparent from all the e mails I am receiving, well maybe one......that you really want to see more naked shots of me so always happy to oblige!!!

At the end of the hike is this huge hole in the rocks it had to be almost 100 feet down!!!
I did enjoy the hike and it was a good workout and I arrived back in time for a nice sunset!!

I had a nice shower and for supper something different I found this in the deli section of the supermarket

It was good......
Now it is coming up to 9 pm and you know what that means..YES another live soccer game from Spain...although this time I am not watching on a 50 inch TV screen more like and 8 inch screen
Just means I have to pull my chair up closer!!!

On my walks and driving I spend a lot of time in thought and I believe that my life is becoming boring, mundane and I seem to do nothing special any I have decided to spice up my life starting stay tuned to see what I came up with...a little warning....Heather, Linda, Barbara you may want to skip reading tomorrow's blog!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!


Carol said...

Oh my goodness I had a laugh out loud at the big foot blocks and your commentary!! :) Carry on!

mexicokid said...

too funny!!L

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